Re: Binutils and the Linux kernel source finder

From: Dr. David Alan Gilbert (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 08:29:57 EST

* Erik Andersen ( wrote:

> Note that uClinux (not ucLinux as on your page) does not natively

Oops - fixed that.

> run the ELF binary file format, but uses what is called the
> "Flat" binary format. It is structurally much simpler (and
> therefore smaller) then ELF, but more importantly, this format
> helps us avoid needing to always use PIC and/or do tons of
> relocations.


> The uClinux toolchains for ARM and m68k (which are the two most
> commonly used architectures) are available from

OK, I've added that - it could be said that a page entitled
'm68k-elf-tools' is perhaps not the obvious place to find stuff for m68k
and ARM that specifically produces something other than ELF :-)

> Links to toolchains for other arches and _lots_ of help
> information can be found at

Also added - but it breaks Javascript on Mozilla for me, and the menu
doesn't appear at all in Konqueror for me. It also doesn't have a
non-Javascript version - making it useless in simpler browsers.
It does however have a very nice penguin.


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