Re: The plethora of kernel versions

From: willy tarreau (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 03:53:43 EST

> Often there is nothing in emails that idenfity what
> versions the other is talking about.

even more true these days with 2.5. Sometimes, you can
only rely on the poster to guess what version he's
talking about. Eg: at least when I see Linus, Jens or
Dave Jones, I assume it's about 2.5 before reading the

> how about the various "versions" including something
> that I can use to identify and toss those messages I
> am not interested in.

That's what regular posters tend to do :
"[PATCH-2.4]", "[BUG in 2.2.20]", or "[OT]"...
The problem is more about newcomers who don't know
about these posting rules.

> I'm primarily a 2.4 user, why do I care about all
> this 2.5 discussion?

sometimes, a 2.5 bug/fix may also affect 2.4, and this
is only told in the message body.


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