[ingo patch] 2.4.17 benchmarks

From: vvikram@av.stanford.edu
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 00:50:48 EST

hi ingo,

1) i downloaded lmbench and ran the series of tests [make result]
   i ran two set of tests on the vanilla kernel and two series on the
   patched kernel . they are attached to this mail [av_vanilla.0, av_vanila.1,
   av.0 and av.1 are the patched kernel lmbench files]

2) further i seperately ran ./lat_proc fork; ./lat_proc exec; ./lat_proc shell
   many times on the vanilla and patched kernels. their output is also
   attached in one file [lat_proc.txt]. the patched kernel takes
   MORE time than the vanilla one......

3) anyways the box i am running your patch on is _stable_ and has given no
   problems for the past few hours. i am running a lot of netscape and
   ssh sessions. as mentioned before, its a UP box with 256 mb ram [AMD 750 mhz]

this is my first time with kernel level tests so please point/overlook
glaring errors:)

hope this helps.

ps: i get bounced mail back from your elte.hu account....

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