Re: Patch: linux-2.5.2-pre8/drivers/ieee1394 kdev_t compilation fixes

From: Ben Collins (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 11:27:00 EST

On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 11:41:28PM -0800, Adam J. Richter wrote:
> The following patch fixes the kdev_t compilation errors
> in linux-2.5.2-pre8/drivers/ieee1394. It just a global replace
> of "MINOR(" with "minor(". I only know that the new code compiles.
> I have not tested it.

I'll get this checked into CVS today. I planned on a sync with Linus
soon anyway.

Andreas, now would be a good time for us to branch 2.2.x support in CVS
to simplify 2.4.x/2.5.x compatibility.

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