Re: [RFC] [PATCH] Clean up fs.h union for ext2

From: Anton Altaparmakov (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 09:29:06 EST

At 03:52 27/12/01, Daniel Phillips wrote:
>On December 27, 2001 04:28 am, Legacy Fishtank wrote:
> > Change in principle looks good except IMHO you should go ahead and
> > remove the ext2 stuff from the union... (with the additional changes
> > that implies)
>Thanks for your confidence, but that would be a considerably bigger patch.
>It's not just a matter of removing the includes - other bits and pieces have
>to be put in place, such as per-filesystem inode slab. The support for this
>goes outside ext2.
>My idea is to just let people have a look and test this minimally intrusive
>change. Getting rid of the includes for ext2 inodes will be a two-patch
> 1) Abstract away the ext2 .u's (done)
> 2) Per-fs inode slab, initially only for ext2 (partly done)
>Removing the includes for ext2 superblocks will need another two patches. By
>the time all filesystems are done, it would be thousands of lines if it was
>all in one patch. I think it's better to keep it broken up, and do it

If anyone wants a look NTFS TNG already has gone all the way (for a while
now in fact). Both fs inode and super block are fs internal slab caches and
both use static inline NTFS_I / NTFS_SB functions and the ntfs includes
from linux/fs.h are removed altogether. Code is in sourceforge cvs. For
instructions how to download the code or to browse it online, see:

The module of interest is ntfs-driver-tng.

If anyone is doing patches for all kernel file systems, don't bother with
ntfs in 2.5 as NTFS TNG will replace the old ntfs driver soon (certainly in
2.5 time frame).

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