Re: Two hdds on one channel - why so slow?

From: Henning P. Schmiedehausen (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 07:02:07 EST

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"Jeffrey W. Baker" <> writes:

>> Because Firewire is Consumer electronics and nearly dead. Dont now of
>> Enterpise Solutions with Firewire. Besides there is no switching support for
>> it.

>That would explain all of those firewire cameras, VTRs, editing decks,
>televisions, DVD players, CD players, computers, hard drives, tape drives,
>CD burners, DVD burners, MP3 players, and oscilloscopes that keep popping
>up with 1394 interfaces. You should write to their manufacturers and let
>them know about their mistake!

FireWire is an USB competitor. I remember the first IEEE1394
announcements about five-six years ago and suddently someone (IIRC M$
and Intel) unveiled their "Universal serial bus" spec and I thought to
myself "oh look, once again a good solution goes down the drain
because people with market share drive an inferior solution that is
five cents cheaper".

FC really is another league. Talk SAN. Talk storage switch
fabrics. Talk redundant switched pathes to disks in another
building. Talk Enterprise solutions.

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