Re: Two hdds on one channel - why so slow?

From: Nick Holloway (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 04:41:38 EST (J.A. Magallon) writes:
> (btw, I am still using -in low end linux boxen- Quantum SCSI drives that
> came with prehistoric macs, SEs and so on, so they can be about 8 years
> old. They work, slow for today standars, but work. Can anybody say the
> same about ide drives ?)

I can. Two IDE drives from one of my machines:

    hda: Conner Peripherals 210MB - CP3201F, 203MB w/64kB Cache, CHS=684/16/38
    hdb: WDC AC2170M, 162MB w/32kB Cache, CHS=1010/6/55

The Western Digital drive was bought with the PC in January 1993 (486sx24
later upgraded to 486dx30), so has reached 9 years old. The Conner is
a year or two younger.

The machine spent most of the time initially constantly on, had a idle
period for several years, and is now on full time again as a DNS server.

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