Re: [2.4.17/18pre] VM and swap - it's really unusable

From: Petro (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 04:24:42 EST

"We" ( are experiencing problems that appear to be
related to VM, I realize that this question was not directed at me:

On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 09:15:42PM +0100, Andreas Hartmann wrote:
> Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:
> Question is: which nature is your application / load of the system? You
> wrote something about database server. How much rows alltogether? What's

    Mysql running a dual 650 PIII, 2 gig ram. Rows? Dunno, but several
    million tables (about 85 gig of tables averaging 45-50k IIRC).

> the size of the table(s)? How many concurrent accesses do you have? Do

    We will have 2-400+ tables open at once.

> you do "easy" searches where all of the conditions are located in the
> index? How big is your index? How big is the throughput of your
> database? Do you have your tables on raw partitions (without caching; as
> you can do it with UDB)?

    I don't know much about the specific design, other than I've been
    told it's non-optimal.

> How big are the partitions you are mounting at once? In my case, all the
> partitions together have about 70GB (all reiserfs).

    One 250G logical volume, a couple smaller ones (3 gig, 30 gig).

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