X and console paralell

From: Gabor Z. Papp (gzp@myhost.mynet)
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 03:00:09 EST

* Mark Vojkovich <mvojkovich@nvidia.com>:

| > Plugging extra USB keyboard and mouse would solve the
| > problem, and I would be able to run X and console
| > simultanously?
| No, both the console and X need a VT. As far as I can tell
| Linux only lets you have one VT active at any time. You can
| have a different mouse and keyboard used by the console and
| by X (in theory at least), but I don't think that solves the
| mutual exclusivity of VTs.
| Some people may have kernel hacks to allow this sort of
| thing, but I haven't been keeping track of this stuff. It's
| not an area that I've been involved in.

Any idea? Basically I would like to run 2 monitor, one for X
and one for console paralell, with 1 keyboard/mouse.
Switching between them like with one monitor, but when no
work on the one, I would like to keep the signal on the
unused monitor, eg I would like to see the (not blank) screen.
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