Re: ASUS KT266A/VT8233 board and UDMA setting

From: Dmitri Pogosyan (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 02:20:47 EST

Vojtech Pavlik wrote:

> > My new IBM 40GB hard drive on ide0 (alone, master) controller is
> > always get set at boot
> > to UDMA2 mode, not UDMA5.
> > The second identical drive on onboard promise controller is getting set
> > to UDMA5
> > and runs much faster.
> >
> > I looked in BIOS setup, and BIOS sets the first ide0 drive to UDMA5,
> > which at least says that
> > cable is the correct one, and that it is linux boot which changes the
> > setting to udma2.
> >
> > Here are the related pieces of dmesg. As you see I use RH rawhide 2.4.16
> > kernel, which is
> > something like 2.4.17-pre8, I think
> Some RH kernels (may include yours) deliberately disable UDMA3, 4 and 5
> on any VIA IDE controller. I don't know why. Unpatch your kernel and
> it'll likely work.

Thanks, where should I look in the code to see if this is applicable to my
kernel version ?
Also RH7.2 stock 2.4.7 kernel was totally unhappy with my configuration
(VIA-IDE: chipset unknown - contact you) and DMA could not be set at all.
This was main my reason to upgrade to 2.4.16

            Regards, Dmitri

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