Re: Reg: SCSI

From: Douglas Gilbert (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 20:43:59 EST

Eshwar D - CTD, Chennai wrote:

> In my project while reading/writing the data in
> to scsi disk, I need to block the device using
> RESERVE UNIT and RELEASE UNIT. Can any one help me
> how to send SCSI command to SCSI device. I know that
> this can be done under user level using SCSI generic
> interface. I required function in kernel version
> 2.4.2. level.


To break reservations from a crippled SCSI initiator, the
other initiator needs access to a SCSI bus reset. Even
though the sg driver supports this, the SCSI mid-level
support is missing in the standard lk 2.4 series. Many
distributions have the required patch (from James
Bottomley) that makes SCSI bus reset functional.

That SCSI bus reset mid-level patch for the lk 2.5 series
will be heading in Jens's direction shortly.

Doug Gilbert
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