Re: [2.4.17/18pre] VM and swap - it's really unusable

From: Stephan von Krawczynski (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 15:55:03 EST

On Fri, 04 Jan 2002 21:15:42 +0100
Andreas Hartmann <> wrote:

[I will answer not all of your questions, as this is a matter of business, too]

> > On all boxes I run currently (all 1GB or below RAM), I cannot find
> > _major_ issues.
> Question is: which nature is your application / load of the system?

Generally we do not drive the boxes up to the edge. Our philosophy is to throw
money at the problem, before it actually arises. Yes, I can see the future ...

> [...] Do you have your tables on raw partitions (without caching; as
> you can do it with UDB)?


> How big are the partitions you are mounting at once? In my case, all the
> partitions together have about 70GB (all reiserfs).

about 130 GB, all reiserfs.

> I want to know it, because I think the problem depends on how much
> different HD-memory is accessed.

I guess you should tilt that theory.
Have you already tried to throw a big SPARC at the problem?

> If you have applications, which doesn't
> access to much memory, you can't view the problems.
> If you access more than 1G (and you do not just copy, but rsync e.g.)
> and you have only 512MB of RAM, the machine swaps a lot with most actual
> 2.4.-kernels (patches).

Can you provide a simple and reproducible test case (e.g. some demo source),
where things break? I am very willing to test it here.


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