[PATCH] Update to the make rpm system kernel 2.4.17 and 2.5.1

From: pwd@mdtsoft.com
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 15:05:37 EST

I needed to be able to build a bit more complex set of rpm files than
the make rpm function allowed. Attached is a patch that will replace
the scripts/mkspec file with a perl program that generates a bit better
spec file, the change to the top level Makefile that will use perl not
bash for mkspec and a file for the Doc... directory explaining the changes.

If there is anyone using the make rpm could take a look at this and let
me know if it works with your build. I have tested this under a production
build based on 2.4.17 and a build with default configuration under 2.5.1
(I can't build any of my standard configuration for 2.5.1 due to buslogic
dirver problems) and it does what I intended it to.

the attachment is a gziped patch file made from /usr/src with diff -urN

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