Re: ISA slot detection on PCI systems?

From: Kai Henningsen (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 10:04:00 EST (Horst von Brand) wrote on 03.01.02 in <>:

> "Eric S. Raymond" <> said:
> [...]
> > What I want to do with this is make ISA-card questions invisible on modern
> > PCI-only motherboards.
> ... in order to make it impossible to build kernels for the coffepot in the
> corner on my shiny new machine. No, thanks.

If you want to build the coffeepot kernel with the autoprobe result from
your shiny new machine, you'll deserve whatever you get. That's just
stupid. Either autoprobe on the right machine, or not at all.

MfG Kai
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