Re: [CFT] [JANITORIAL] Unbork fs.h

From: J.A. Magallon (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 09:52:17 EST

On 20020104 Daniel Phillips wrote:
>Needing to type 'struct' everywhere is annoying and makes for long lines.
>Other than that it's harmless, and actually, the situation where you have two
>ways of spelling everything is annoying too. Anyway, if it was to be done,
>I'd spell it:
> typedef struct super_struct super;
> typedef struct inode_struct inode;
> static inline inode *new_inode(super *sb)
> {
> inode *ni = (inode *) malloc(sizeof(inode));
> ...
> }
>It won't happen though, because it would generate a massive diff for the sole
>reason of making things prettier, and a very high percentage of existing
>patches would break immediately. If you're going to clean stuff up, you have
>to do it a bit at a time while you're working on other things.

>From my point of view, this kind of changes can keep compatability and be done
in small chunks if you do something like

typedef struct inode inode_t;
typedef struct super_block super_block_t;

so old code still builds, new code can use new types and you can patch
code smoothly. And you can grep-r for both usages in the tree.

But all is a matter of preferences. I found it cleaner. Some people
hate the _t suffix. Many people prefer explicit 'struct' than opaque
types. And so on...

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