Re: [Fwd: i810_audio]

From: Nathan Bryant (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 14:39:06 EST

Martin Dalecki wrote:


> example. The artsd from KDE as usuall is failing blatantly and locks
> the system hard...
> And I don't have neither the time, nor inclination for debuggin it...
> (Unless I could compile the whole KDE proerply with some recent
> gcc-3.x for RedHat ;-).

There were numerous problems in the 0.04 i810_audio driver that caused
problems with artsd. It sounds as if Tom has at least partial fixes for
most of these in his patch, but he doesn't mention the poll() problem
that we encountered...

artsd should work with 0.13 if we can get the SiS changes merged in. The
artsd problems weren't specific to the type of hardware changes Tom is
reporting... more like generic problems with the driver's
userland-interface semantics and DMA state tracking.

> Recodring did lockup the system hard as well immediately, no matter what.

Recording is something I never really tested heavily, though it does
seem to work at least minimally on my system (driver-default rates,
etc.) I'd be interested in any feedback as to whether it works in 0.13,
both from SiS users and otherwise...

Other people have said that RealProducer works fine, though, with newer
versions of Doug's driver, at all rates, etc.

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