Re: kswapd etc hogging machine

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 13:59:23 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> > But Art's kernel (what kernel is in RH7.2 anyway? 2.4.9 with vendor
> > hacks^Wfixes, I think) is nowhere near that stage.
> 7.2 is 2.4.7-ac ish, 7.2 + errata is 2.4.9-ac ish

OK, thanks.

> > The good news is that 2.4.17 has pretty much slain this dragon. The
> > -aa patches are better still, and 2.4.18 will be even better than
> > that.
> Bollocks. I get regular mails from large numbers of people who are stuck
> at 2.4.12/13-ac and are hoping I'll do an update because their machines
> die in hours or run 25-50% slower with 2.4.1x.

I was referring to the swap and evict in the presence of heavy write

> 2.4.1x VM code is performing better under light loads but its absolutely
> and completely hopeless under a real paging load. 2.4.17-aa is somewhat
> better interestingly.

s/interestingly/frustratingly/. -aa has some interesting changes to
the write scheduling as well. I just wish I knew what problem they're

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