Re: romable kernel (XIP)

From: Timothy Covell (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 11:45:33 EST

On Thursday 03 January 2002 09:57, Serge Manigault wrote:
> Hello,
> I am looking for information about Linux XIP for eXecute In Place
> I need a romable image to minimize RAM usage.
> Thanks for any information, link, or anything else about this subject.
> regards,
> Serge

I know that the Agenda VR folks were working on XIP with their
Linux PDA. That's for the VR MIPs chip. Of course, that chip
is a dog and their implementation didn't help much. (Aside:
IMHO, the whole Agenda PDA fiasco was using Linux as a way to
dump their load of crappy PDAs on technoids who'll snap up
anything that runs Linux. So, please do this with your project.)

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