Re: i686 SMP systems with more then 12 GB ram with 2.4.x kernel ?

From: Anton Blanchard (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 10:15:09 EST

> Today i checked some memory configurations and noticed that the low
> memory decreases, when i add more memory to the system,
> and the size of reserved memory increases:
> at 1GB ram, are 16,936kB low mem reserved.
> 4GB ram, 72,824kB reserved
> 8GB ram, 142,332kB reserved
> 16GB ram, 269,424kB reserved
> 32GB ram, 532,080kB reserved, usable low mem: 352 MB

> 64GB ram ??

If you need 64G of RAM and decent performance you dont want an x86.
Use a sparc64, alpha or ppc64 linux machine.

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