Re: kernel 2.4.17 crashes on SCSI-errors

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 07:43:37 EST

> Isn't anybody recognizing, that this bug is serious?

My 2.4.9-ac kernel tree here seems to be behaving

> 1) I compiled the SCSI-stuff as modules.
> 2) I put an erased MO-Medium in a MO-SCSI-drive.
[erased and formatted I assume ?]
> 3) I connected the drive to the computer.
> 4) I typed "modprobe sd_mod"
> 5) Crash! Serial console said:
> tick login: invalid operand: 0000

BUG trap. Turn on verbose bug reporting, also run the oops you then
get through ksymoops so that its actually readable by others. List what
scsi controller you use too.

The RH tree I'm running backed out a couple of scsi error handling changes
because we saw strange deadlocks. I don't think those are in Marcelo's tree
because I never had time to work out why they had to be reverted

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