Second edition of the -mjc branch has been released

Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 04:29:12 EST

Performance and stability issues have been fixed to some degree.
A lot of the patches I have received either did not have names attached
or I was unable to locate a name. Please contact me if changes must
be made. All of the patches that have been included in this release can
be found at:
The release itself is located here:

Below is a snippet from Changelog.mjc:
Reverse Mapping Patch #10 (Rik van Riel)
Bootmem patch (William Lee Irwin III)
entry.S speedups (Alex Khripin)
-fixed entry.S to apply to mjc tree (Luuk van der Duim)
NFS Updates (Trond Myklebust)
kmem_cache_estimate optimization (Balbir Singh)
IRQrate (Ingo Molnar)
Pagecache & Icache hash changes (Chuck Lever,
                                                William Lee Irwin III,
                                                Rusty Russell,
                                                Anton Blanchard)
Voodoo Framebuffer Fixes (Jurriaan)
SiS 5513 Fixes (Lionel Bouton)
ATI Rage128 Framebuffer Fixes (?)

removed in mjc2:
Software Suspend (does not function correctly,
                         very poor style in some areas)
Lock-Break (known to cause problems with other modules)

Michael Cohen
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