Re: CML2 funkiness

From: Andrew Rodland (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 01:40:15 EST

I found it!
The culprit: a bit of confusion over 'private'.
All of the not-saved symbols were just guards for 'do we
 want to display question X'... so they were marked
 private, so as not to clutter up the kernel (I assume).
 However, this prevents them from getting written to
 .config/config.out as well! Easy fix is to un-private
 them, long-term is (as I see it) either to create a new
 equivalent to private that somehow lets the symbol get
 written to defconfig, but prevents it from becoming a
 kernel define, or just to blow it off and don't worry
 about it, and leave them normal symbols. However, it's
 1:30AM and I might be missing something.


On Wed, 2 Jan 2002 10:03:11 -0500
 "Eric S. Raymond" <> wrote:
> David Relson <>:
> > From past testing of CML2 I know it uses file
> config.out as its
> > "memory". Looking in it, I didn't see any CONFIG
> symbols for these symbols.
> >
> > There's definitely something here for Eric to fix!
> I'm on it.
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