Suspected bug in shrink_caches()

From: Sasha Pachev (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 00:38:40 EST


I am quite sure there is still a bug in shrink_caches(), at least there was
one in 2.4.17-rc2. I have not tried later releases, but there is nothing in
the changelog about the fixes anywhere near that area of the code, so I have
to assume the problem is still there.

Here is how one can expose the bug:

 - disable kswapd and turn off all swap for simplicity
 - run two applications concurrently, one cache intenstive ( eg find / or
simply create/initialize/read a large file), and the other RAM-intensive -
allocate a large block and initialize it

When we get to the point where free memory starts running low, even though we
may have something like 100 MB of cache, shrink_caches() fails to free up
enough memory, which triggers the evil oom killer. Obviously, in the above
situation the correct behaviour is to go on cache diet before considering the

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