Re: ISA slot detection on PCI systems?

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 22:18:45 EST

Dave Jones <>:
> Go down the DMI path, and get it right _sometimes_, or take a zero.
> Getting it right sometimes is likely to do more harm than good.

Not in this case. If the DMI read fails, the worst-case result is the
user sees some ISA extra questions.
> Crap. I'm implying that there should be a learning curve to everything
> no matter how small it may be. You're trying to remove the curve
> altogether.

Damn straight. Not that I think that's necessarily 100% achievable, but
it's the right way to aim.
> And write a book perchance ? SCNR 8-)

It's happened before... :-)

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