Re: CML2 funkiness

From: Miles Lane (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 20:42:47 EST

I am seeing other problems. Using CML2 with a 2.4.18-pre1
tree, I was unable to create a kernel that would boot.
It kept crashing with messages stating that the rivafb driver
did not support 8-bit color depth. I tried tweaking my
configuration for a while, but finally reverted to CML2
and was then able to get a working kernel. I'll investigate
further and send along a diff of the working and broken
configuration files.

Another thing I notice is that when I create a configuration
using CML2, then switch to CML1 and run "make oldconfig"
using the same kernel tree, it appears there are configuration
options that never got set in the CML2 .config file.
I suppose this may simply be due to CML2 writing out the
options in a different order.


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