Re: [PATCH] Re: NFS "dev_t" issues..

Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 20:28:16 EST

    From Thu Jan 3 00:22:23 2002 wrote:
> I see lots of people sending patches for kdev_t.
> In order to possibly avoid duplication of work,
> I put my patch at
> 2.5.2pre6-kdev_t-diff (415841 bytes)
> It has kminor and kmajor, but if that is not desired
> a very simple edit on the patch will turn them into
> minor and major.
> (It is incomplete, but a good start.)

    It doesn't build for me in make_rdonly() in ext3 with debug
     configured in:

Yes. Still w.i.p. but a better version is now
2.5.2pre6-kdev_t-diff-v3 (443024 bytes).

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