From: Lionel Bouton (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 16:25:28 EST

Sebastian Roth wrote:

>>Hi all
> hello,
>>Why sometimes I don't need to copy the to
>>/boot when I update the kernel
>>and the system also can boot?
>>Is it correct?
> yes, this is correct. I think this contains only some useful
> information about modules for the kernel.

> [...]

"man klogd", "man ksymoops".

Short: is an ordered (by address) list of (kernel address, ?type?,
and syscall name).
Module syscalls are dynamic by nature so there's a kernel interface for
exporting symbols to user utilities needing their addresses (see

You don't need to boot. But user space apps like ps (can show
the current syscall used by a process), klogd (for clean GPF reports),
ksymoops (mainly as a cross-check with vmlinux symbols) use it and
search it in numerous places : with or without `-uname -r` appended (at
least in / /boot /usr/src/linux).


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