Re: How can one get w/o vmlinux?

From: David Golden (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 15:34:46 EST

I've often thought that an alternate scheme would be vaguely
"neater", just have a boot directory with per-version subdirectories,
and a single symlink "current" to the one you want to use.
I've never particularly had an urge to try to use one kernel version's and possibly initrd.img with another version :-)

No doubt there's a reason for not doing it this way, it's
probably been done to death years ago on lkml,
and personally, I don't find the current minor symlink tangle
much harder, but I only seem have 3 or so kernels in /boot at any one time -
I can imagine that having lots of kernels, system.maps and initrds all
in one directory would get tiresome with the current way, but would
be relatively painless like this:

ln -s /boot/2.4.17/ /boot/current
ln -s /boot/2.2.20/ /boot/old

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