Re: a great C++ book?

From: Timothy Covell (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 13:46:34 EST

On Tuesday 01 January 2002 22:22, Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> On 01/01/02 Alexander Viro did speaketh:
> > And then there is "six month ago I cud not spel injuneer and now I r won"
> > crowd - and quite a few of them seem to be afraid of C. FWIC it is a
> > damn good reason to stay with C...
> >
> :) That's because they picked-up "Visual Basic for Dummies" and now
> they claim to be programmers. *sigh*
> Mike

        I got my degree in Physics, so I learned to program in Fortran. In
that day, however, there were folks who were clamoring for more C
programming in science. I took one look at it and gagged on the pointers
and mallocs. In my opinion, no scientist should trust C code for important
numerical work unless he has too; that's why Fortran was created in the first

        Anyhow, one of the local self-appointed Unix gurus was aghast at
my distaste for C's primitiveness. Alas, I feal justified today because
Perl, Java, C#, and Cyclone are proving that C is for systems programming and
not for everyday use.

        That much said, I still am only fluent in Fortran, shell, Perl (and a little
Tcl/TK), so I don't really consider myself a programmer, just a sysadmin with
a clue.

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