Re: CML2 funkiness

From: David Relson (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 10:10:42 EST

At 09:03 AM 1/2/02, Andrew Rodland wrote:
>First off, I'd like to apologize for lack of all the
> information I'd like to have, I'm at school, and
> temporarily semidisconnected at home.
>CML2 is definitely still not quite right for me
>(2.4.17 + kpreempt-rml, latest CML2 as of 3ish days ago).
>Menuconfig and friends seem okay, as far as I can tell (and
> they've apparently been tested pretty well), but oldconfig
> is wacky...
>So, "mv config .config ; make mrproper ; mv config .config
> ; make oldconfig" does odd things to my config, but more
> in-your-face, on "make oldconfig ; make oldconfig" (ad
> inifinitum if you want), it will continue asking the same
> questions, and never remember the answer.


I have just tested this, and have reproduced your problem. Using
kernel-2.4.16 and cml2-1.2.20, i.e. my current kernel and the latest CML2,
I ran "make oldconfig" three times. The first time I answered "n" to 21
queries. The second and third times, I had to answer "n" to 9
queries. The 9 all appeared in the first run and were exactly the same in
the second and third runs.

Here're the 9 queries from runs 2 and 3:
EXPERT: Prompt for expert choices (those with no help attached)
DEVELOPMENT: Configure a development or 2.5 kernel? (EXPERIMENTAL) [ ] (NEW)?:
CD_NO_IDESCSI: Support CD-ROM drives that are not SCSI or IDE/ATAPI [ ]
IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER: Advanced router [ ] (NEW)?:
NET_VENDOR_SMC: Western Digital/SMC cards [ ] (NEW)?:
NET_VENDOR_RACAL: Racal-Interlan (Micom) NI cards [ ] (NEW)?:
NET_POCKET: Pocket and portable adapters [ ] (NEW)?:
HAMRADIO: Amateur Radio support [ ] (NEW)?:
FBCON_FONTS: Select other compiled-in fonts [ ] (NEW)?:

 From past testing of CML2 I know it uses file config.out as its
"memory". Looking in it, I didn't see any CONFIG symbols for these symbols.

There's definitely something here for Eric to fix!


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