changelogs for 2.4.17rc2aa2 and 2.2.20aa1

Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 09:05:47 EST

I put together these pages to help others understand
what is in Andrea's kernels a little better.

The pages are created from his patch diff logs.

I've stress tested and benchmarked 2.4.17rc2aa2 a lot and
it's been very solid. For a workload that creates a lot
of processes 2.4.17rc2aa2 has a definite edge. This is
easiest to see in a couple unixbench tests:

                              2.4.17-mjc1 2.4.17rc2aa2 2.5.1-dj10
System Call Overhead 352361.7 362120.5 255809.4 lps
Process Creation 817.5 2037.7 1212.0 lps
Execl Throughput 265.8 458.4 316.5 lps

And lmbench; the highest and lowest results of 3 runs were dropped.

Processor, Processes - times in microseconds - smaller is better
OS fork exec sh
             proc proc proc
------------ ---- ---- ----
2.4.17rc2aa2 745 2769 9583
  2.5.1-dj10 810 3504 11.K
 2.4.17-mjc1 1128 4244 12.K

Good stuff comes from a lot of sources, and I'm hoping some of
the tree maintainers will start cherry picking from Andrea's
tree too. :)

Note: mjc1 above was configured without preempt, rtsched
or lockbreak.

2.4.17rc2aa2 consistently does better at dbench too.
More results are at:

Randy Hron

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