NFS "dev_t" issues..

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 17:15:58 EST

I made a pre6, which contains a new-and-anal "kdev_t".

The format of the thing is the same as it used to be, ie 16 bits of
information, but I made it a structure so that you _couldn't_ mix up
"dev_t" and "kdev_t", or use the "kdev_t" as a number (so when kdev_t
expands to 12+20 bits later in 2.5.x you shouldn't get surprises)

I fixed up the stuff I use and which showed up in compiles (on a source
level, it's so far totally untested), but I'd really like people to check
out their own subsystems. _Especially_ NFS and NFSD, which had several
cases of mixing the two dev_t's around, and which also used them as
numbers. Trond, Neil?

Because the types aren't at all compatible any more, the macros that are
used for user-level "dev_t" are no longer working for a kdev_t. So we have

        dev_t kdev_t

        MKDEV(major,minor) mk_kdev(major, minor)
        MAJOR(dev) major(dev)
        MINOR(dev) minor(dev)
        dev == dev2 kdev_same(dev, dev2)
        !dev kdev_none(dev)

and _most_ of the time the fixes are trivial - just translate as above. It
only gets interesting when you have code that looks at the value or starts
mixing the two and compares a "dev_t" against a "kdev_t", which can be
quite interesting.

The knfsd file handle thing is also an issue - Neil, please check out that
what I did looks sane, and would be on-the-wire-compatible with the old
behaviour, even when we expand kdev_t to 12+20 bits, ok?

(Marcelo, for easier backporting of drivers to 2.4.x, we'll probably want
to eventually add

        #define mk_kdev(a,b) MKDEV(a,b)
        #define major(d) MAJOR(d)

to the 2.4.x <linux/kdev_t.h> so that you can move drivers back and

Apart from some knfsd issues, most of the kdev_t users were proper. The
strict type-checking found one bug in the SCSI layer (which I knew about,
and was one of the impetuses for doing it in the first place), and found a
lot of small "works-but-will-break-with-a-bigger-kdev_t" issues).


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