Re: Athalon Motherboard Question

From: Joseph Mathewson (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 15:12:45 EST

In message "Athalon Motherboard Question", <Edward Muller> wrote:

> Slightly off topic ... but I couldn't think of a better place to ask, or
> at least not one with more knowledgable people on the subject.
> I'm looking to upgrade my Motherboard.
> So I'm wondering which Athlon/XP motherboard you guys would use? I know
> there were (or are?) problems with some of the VIA chipsets and most of
> the Athlon MoBos seem to use some VIA chipset.
> Anyway. Suggestions welcome.
> Thanks,

The Athlon XP/MP SMP issues (as well as the VIA chipset issues) are becoming
quite FAQs. It strikes me a kept-up-to-date site listing current issues that
are known/being fixed/hardware bugs/whatever would be useful. I would be
prepared to have a go if some maintainers (/knowledgeable kernel hackers) could
give me some info, but I'm certainly not a kernel guru and would not be able to
handle troubleshooting mail from all Linux's AMD users :).

I could quite easily hack together something in PHP for listing known
working/known broken configurations (proc/mobo/?), I guess.


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