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Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 11:47:51 EST

On Mon, 31 Dec 2001 17:58:17 -0800 wrote:

> Trying to find interesting email among 'Hot Young Teen Girls', which
> is at least honest, and among the less forthright emails trying to
> masquarade as something else in order to get me to read them certainly
> makes me angry regardless of how they are addressed.

Hm, this is of course getting very philosophical, but: you must have a very bad
feeling in everyday life, if I take your words serious. How can you cope with
the fact that basically _every_ ad ever published is a _lie_ to a certain
extent. Does this make you angry, too? How can you life with that? Ads do
nothing else but disguise the fact that something should be sold and make
someone real rich. And most of the things sold are really ridiculous stuff
nobody ever needs. Some is even harmful to people, and still they buy it (e.g.
drugs). Emails are only a mirror of The Real Life (tm).

> > What I basically want to say: just live with it.
> Interesting philosophy. You are saying that anyone may speak at you
> and you have to at least read the subject line.

Yes, plain and simple: yes.

> I wonder what your
> corrollary for real life would be?

Hm, I am not quite sure if I get what you like to know, but how about:
_learning_ ??

> We are at absolutely opposite extremes.

Maybe, maybe not. I tend to think we are both on a road heading in a direction
we both do not know, maybe we meet each other sometime, I can't tell. I guess
your picture of the world is a bit too static currently. "Can you colorize my
life I'm so sick of black and white?" (Jim Steinman, 1993)

> > PS: If you want to go ahead in this talk, please keep it off LKML, it
> > doesn't look like common interest to me.
> That has always been a tough issue for me. Your email, which was cc'ed
> to l-k, will go into the various archives and forever be "findable" via
> google groups and other archives. If I reply offline from histories
> perspective I will never have replied.

This is an either interesting point of view. It looks like you live in a world
where the real and absolute truth is still existing, neglecting the fact that
so much knowledge has vanished from this planet and has partly been
rediscovered by later generations. It is very easy to understand that all
archives are by definition limited, and therefore the information inside can
only be limited and never _complete_. So if you read some thread in google (or
whereever) it is very likely you do not get the full picture, because some
information (maybe even important) is simply hidden for various reasons. An
answer not found in google does not mean it never existed. You have to keep
that in mind, if you read the corresponding question there.

> [...]
> On the other hand, when looking at the archives it looks like I didn't
> respond to some criticisms, which in many people minds means they
> are valid.

Well, this cannot be your fault, you are not Jesus. And most likely even he did
not answer every question to full extent, although I tend to think he tried
hard to _listen_ to it.



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