New tree started ;)

From: Michael Cohen (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 16:45:42 EST


After hanging out for a while on, I've decided to
create a new 2.4 tree. I feel that there's need for a rapidly
developing "-ac alike" tree, and so, here we go. Feel free to test it.
I've attached patch-2.4.17-mjc1.bz2. New versions can be found at Currently the patch

Reverse Mapping patch #9 (Rik van Riel)
Preemptible Kernel Patch (Robert Love)
Lock-Break Patch (Robert Love)
CPU affinity /proc entry (Robert Love)
Netdev-random (Robert Love)
Software Suspend (Gabor Kuti?)
Real Time Scheduler for Linux (?)
IDE updates (Taskfile IO and others) (Andre Hedrick}

Ideally I'd like to have this maintained (possibly using bk) by those at

Linus once said something about having more trees being a good thing.
I'll try to keep this as close to the 2.4.x line as possible, though. :)

Michael Cohen

        "Intelligence is the ability to do no work, yet somehow getting the
work done."
                -- Linus Torvalds :)

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