[PATCH] Add defines for ACPI general events

From: Tim Hockin (thockin@sun.com)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 20:46:48 EST


A simple patch - add 8 defines for 8 GEVENTs. Please apply for the next
round. Let me know if there is any reason you can't apply it.


Tim Hockin
Systems Software Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Cobalt Server Appliances

diff -ruN dist-2.4.12+patches/include/linux/acpi.h cvs-2.4.12+patches/include/linux/acpi.h --- dist-2.4.12+patches/include/linux/acpi.h Mon Oct 15 10:23:40 2001 +++ cvs-2.4.12+patches/include/linux/acpi.h Mon Oct 15 10:23:40 2001 @@ -80,6 +80,16 @@ #define ACPI_SLP_TYP2 0x1000 #define ACPI_SLP_EN 0x2000 +/* GPE0/1 general event flags */ +#define ACPI_GEVENT0 0x0001 +#define ACPI_GEVENT1 0x0002 +#define ACPI_GEVENT2 0x0004 +#define ACPI_GEVENT3 0x0008 +#define ACPI_GEVENT4 0x0010 +#define ACPI_GEVENT5 0x0020 +#define ACPI_GEVENT6 0x0040 +#define ACPI_GEVENT7 0x0080 + #define ACPI_SLP_TYP_MASK 0x1c00 #define ACPI_SLP_TYP_SHIFT 10

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