Re: Status of ServerWorks UDMA

From: J . A . Magallon (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 17:49:15 EST

On 20011016 Alan Cox wrote:
>> I have just installed a system with kernel 2.4.20, and it stops booting
>> with a message like:

He, he, I meant 2.4.10....

>> Controller is in an impossible state. Disable UDMA.
>That is triggered when we see a case that can cause disk corruption.
>> Board is a SuperMicro 370DLE (SW LE chipset). I have tried disabling
>> ide channels on the bios, but kernel still sees them. I have tried to
>At some point I'll sort this properly if Andre doesnt do it first.
>> boot with ide0=nodma (is this options real, or I just have invented it ??)
>> No solution.


>Please send me details on the system. lspci -v output too.

As I said, it is a SUPER P3TDLE, with 2 UDMA/33 channels, and a cdrom
in hda and a zip in hdc (nothing in any slave).
I will send you details tomorrow from work.

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