Re: TCP acking too fast

From: Bill Davidsen (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 15:59:09 EST

In article <> wrote:

>I've already disabled quickacks, replaced the receive MSS estimate with
>advertised MSS in the ack sending policy (two places), and removed one
>dubious "immediate ack" condition from send_delay_ack(). The annoying
>thing is that none of this seem to make any real difference. I must be
>missing something huge that's right in front of my nose, but I'm
>starting to run out of steam.
>Any thoughts on this?

The discussion has been most complete, I guess at this point is you
can't fix the sender to stop this anti-social behaviour, you might try
using iptables to "mangle" the PSH off from this host or rate limit the
ACKs, or some other hack. None of which is a "solution," just some
interesting things to try.

As noted, the core problem is that TCP doesn't like really asymmetric

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