ptrace bug

From: Gian-Yan Xu (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 19:12:03 EST

Today I try to get register's value via ptrace(PTRACE_GETREGS, ...),
but only EBX, ECX, EDX, ESI, EDI, EBP, EAX registers are correct.
I notice that file /usr/src/linux/include/asm/ptrace.h:

#define FS 9
#define GS 10

but in the declare of struct pt_regs:
struct pt_regs {
        long ebx;
        long ecx;
        long edx;
        long esi;
        long edi;
        long ebp;
        long eax;
        int xds;
        int xes;
        long orig_eax;
        long eip;
        int xcs;
        long eflags;
        long esp;
        int xss;
There is no xfs/xgs member in that struct, and the #define FRAME_SIZE 17
is not match the number of member in the pt_regs struct.
In addition, in the ptrace.c:
   case PTRACE_GETREGS: { /* Get all gp regs from the child. */
   if (!access_ok(VERIFY_WRITE, (unsigned *)data,
FRAME_SIZE*sizeo(long))) {
                        ret = -EIO;
   for ( i = 0; i < FRAME_SIZE*sizeof(long); i += sizeof(long) ) {
              __put_user(getreg(child, i),(unsigned long *) data);
             data += sizeof(long);
   ret = 0;
FRAME_SIZE*sizeof(long) is larger than sizeof(struct pt_regs),
the ptrace() will overwrite the data of parent process!
To fix the bug, try this patch:
--- ptrace.h.orig Mon Oct 15 21:00:48 2001
+++ ptrace.h Mon Oct 15 21:05:56 2001
@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@
        long eax;
        int xds;
        int xes;
+ int xfs;
+ int xgs;
        long orig_eax;
        long eip;
        int xcs;

Best regards,
Gian-Yain Xu. (

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