Re: Wireless Extension update

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 16:58:53 EST

Hi Randy.

>> - * Version : 11 28.3.01
>> + * Version : 12 5.10.01

> nitpicking, i'm sure, but:

> 5.10.01 could have several meanings, usually depending on geographic
> location etc., and there is an ISO standard (8601) which says:

> The international standard date notation is YYYY-MM-DD

There is also another ISO standard (I forget the number) which states
that the international standard date notation is any of...

        DD.MM.YYYY (European)
        MM/DD/YYYY (American)
        YYYY-MM-DD (Japanese)

...with the punctuation character specifying the one in use. I note that
the dates as originally quoted above are clearly consistant with this
standard, so see no problem myself.

Personally, I prefer to use the DD-MMM-YYYY format myself, where MMM in
the three-letter English abbreviation for the month in question, and
there is thus no room for misreading it as something else.

> I'd prefer not to be confused by the '>' quoted notation above,
> although I don't mind the dots instead of hyphens.

I'm so used to > quoting in emails that anything else gets me confused.

Best wishes from Riley.

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