Re: TCP acking too fast

From: Mika Liljeberg (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 15:06:01 EST wrote:
> > And why (1) is a problem is precisely what I don't understand. Nagle is
> > *supposed* to prevent you from sending multiple remnants.
> It is not supposed to delay between sends for delack timeout.
> Nagle did not know about brain damages which his great idea
> will cause when used together with delaying acks. :-)

Well, I think this "problem" is way overstated. With a low latency path
the delay ack estimator should already take care of this. With a high
latency path you're out of luck in any case.

Besides, as I said, you can always disable Nagle in an interactive
application. I suppose it would be nice to have a socket option to
disable delayack as well, just for completeness.

> > is acked. This can be solved using an idea from Greg Minshall, which I
> > thought was quite cool.
> It is approach used in 2.4. :-)

Cool. :)

> It does help when sender is also linux-2.4. :-)
> Alexey


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