Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 13:07:19 EST

If you compile an alpha kernel for CONFIG_ALPHA_GENERIC, NR_IRQS is
set at 2048. Comment in include/arch-alpha/irq.h: 'Enough for WILDFIRE
WITH 8 QBB's'. I'm not sure what a QBB is (Quality BarBecue?) but 2048
interrupts is ridiculous, and overloads /proc/stat.

A /proc/stat that is that long crashes several user-space programs, like
vmstat, xosview etc.

The reason I use CONFIG_ALPHA_GENERIC is that I get keyboard timeouts
in dmesg at boot-time when I use CONFIG_ALPHA_MIATA, with every kernel >
2.4.9-ac-x; I've not tested earlier.

The alpha kernel mailing-list seems dead.

Is there some reason to keep NR_IRQ at 2048? I'd assume a
CONFIG_ALPHA_GENERIC kernel is a lot more common than a Wildfire with 8
QBB's, so it would be better to tone it down a little. Also, can anybody
point me at some good ways to debug that keyboard timeout?


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