vfat permissions (umask, noexec) brokeness (once more ...)

From: Oswald Buddenhagen (ossi@kde.org)
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 04:48:44 EST


as we all know, the noexec handling was changed in 2.4.10. now some
people claim, that using umask=111 is the right way to get the old
behaviour - but that's _wrong_. as opposed to their statements, vfat's
umask= does _not_ apply only to regular files, but also to directories
(you just don't notice it when you run as root) - and it's right that
way, as otherwise you could not specify umask=77 to lock out all users
but the owner specified by uid= & gid=.
i see two possible solutions: a new flag "noexecbits" which works like
the old (=broken) "noexec" or two different umasks (like samba does):
one for directories and one for regular files.
btw, the "showexec" flag is a big improvement to the situation, but i
still don't like it, as the files just are not executable without major
magic ...


ps: cc me, i'm not on the list.

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