Re: TCP acking too fast

From: Mika Liljeberg (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 03:39:22 EST

"David S. Miller" wrote:
> I don't control the remote machine, but it's linux (don't know which
> version). I tried with both HTTP (Apache 1.3.9) and FTP. I doubt it's
> the application. :-)
> Well, the version of the kernel is pretty important.

Unfortunately I have no way to ascertain that, but I do know it's
running Debian. I would venture a guess that it's a series 2.2 kernel. I
tried a nmap fingerprint, but it couldn't identify the kernel.

> Setting PSH all the time does sound like a possibly familiar bug.

You have no problem with the reiceiver immediately acking PSH segments?
Shouldn't we be robust against this kind of behaviour? [Otherwise a
sender can force us into a permanent quickack mode simply by setting PSH
on every segment.]


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