Re: [Fwd: HPT 370 / RAID 5 possible corruption issue.]

From: Dylan Griffiths (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 01:21:59 EST

Jakob Østergaard wrote:

> I can't say what the current status is. But some time ago some people I know
> got burnt with silent corruption from using HPT cards with RAID5 and RAID0, the
> cards were replaced with Promise cards, and the problem went away (as it should
> - I've been running a lot of RAID on Promise cards and never saw the problem).

I've got a spare Promise card now that I will test and keep posted of the

> As long as there are Promise cards to get, I'm not going anywhere near HPT.
> Maybe there's a fix somewhere, maybe there's a magic BIOS setting or upgrade,
> maybe something else can make it work, I don't know. Promise cards are cheap
> so I don't care.
> Sorry for not being able to give you "good" information, but at least now you
> got "some" information. Hope it helps, for what it's worth.

I wonder, if the HPT card support is so bad, or the hardware itself is so
squirelly, why it's not marked as UNSTABLE or has a note about the HW
being evil.

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