Re: Maximum size of ext2 files on ia32 is?

From: John J Tobin (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 17:52:16 EST

On Sat, 2001-10-13 at 16:13, L A Walsh wrote:
> I was hesitantly and pleasantly surprised when I was copying across an
> unmounted 8G unmounted file partition via dump to an NFS partition. Until
> August, regular backups splitted the dump image (used the "-M" flag to
> dump) to into 4 2G files. My backup disk died so it took some time to
> replace it and just got around to doing so (I know, running w/out backups
> is like unprotected sex, but lets ignore that critique). So I startup
> dump and it produced 1 9G file. I was a bit concerned that NFS had
> a screwed up mapping of the local file, but the server confirmed the file
> size. 'du' confirmed it was 8.8G, I even unmounted, forced an fsck on it
> and remounted -- still 8.8G. I was allocating special partitions to
> backup non-dump compatible partitions (win) to the server but find now they
> can be backed up into a single 8G+ file. I notice some utils from my latest
> suse72 install (stat) don't know about it either:
> > du -sh *
> 14M BOOT_101101.dump
> 8.8G HOME_101201.dump.001
> ...
> > stat HOME_101201.dump.001
> HOME_101201.dump.001: Value too large for defined data typ
> So, I have been a bit busy and distracted and all, but when did large
> file support go in for the i386 arch and what is the new max files size?
> Congratulations and great work for addressing that limitation!
> Linda

I had the same problem awhile back it it was attributed to using
outdated fileutils. I recommend getting new ones from and
seeing if that fixes the problem. It fixed it when I had a similar

John Tobin; AOL IM: ogre7929

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