High Rate of Sockets -> No buffer space availible errors

From: Kingsbury, Michael (mkingsbury@avayactc.com)
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 10:08:48 EST

I have a network testing application that is opening & closing sockets with
other machines at a high rate (multi-threaded, 1000 opens & closes a second
with ~20 machines.) There's a seperate thread per machine its connecting
to, and each thread opens a socket, transmits 8k, and closes.

The problem lies with an error of 'No buffer space availible' within the
first couple of seconds. I've tried the SO_SNDBUF& SO_RVCBUF, but that
doesn't make sense in my head anyways. Anyone seen problems like this under
similar conditions & maybe any remedys?

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