mouse stop responding in 2.4.12

From: Josh (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 09:20:30 EST

Hello all...I hope someone might know whats going on with my mouse since I
upgraded the kernel to 2.4.12 from 2.4.6 (with a brief run in with 2.4.11)
Here is what has happened so far. I have about 4 computers all hooked
together with a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse -- share the same keyboard, vid,
and mouse with 4 seperate computers) When i am running Xfree86 on this one
particular linux box (one that got updated to 2.4.12) the mouse works
fine...however, say I need to do work on another machine, so I flip a switch
and do my work, but when I flip back to the linux box with X running, the
mouse dies. I have a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical, and it lights up red
when its working from the optics inside...the light dies as well like I am
not getting power to the mouse at all. The only solution I can find to the
problem is I have to switch (ctrl+alt+F3 for example) to a free tty, and then
switch back into X, then the mouse lights up, and everything works. But has
is all of a sudden started doing this, and what can I do to fix it. My KVM
switch does not emulate the keyboard or mouse, and I was thinking of going
out and buying a nice KVM that does full emulation of both devices. Would
this fix my problem. Some other stuff I have done is changed the driver for
the mouse in X, and also shortened the mouse cable thinking maybe the cable
was too long for the signal to go though. Any advise/solutions would be very
appreciated. Thanks Alot.

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