user-mode port 0.49-2.4.12

From: Jeff Dike (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 00:35:42 EST

The user-mode port of 2.4.12 is available.

The highlights:

Redid the signal delivery code so that it is possible to write-protect physical
memory from userspace. This turns out to be expensive, so this version of
UML is noticably slower than previous ones. Memory protection will be made
optional until I can get some support from the host kernel for doing it
more quickly.

An ancient crash in the console driver has been fixed. This was easiest to
see when booting a distro, such as SuSE, that doesn't put a getty on the main

CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB is now available in the configuration.

uml_router is now known as uml_switch. It now has a -hub option.

The project's home page is

Downloads are available at


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