Re: xine pauses with recent (not -ac) kernels

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 22:51:27 EST

In article <01101300085600.00832@baldrick> you write:
>> can you reproduce also on 2.4.12aa1?
>> Andrea
>Yes, it seems to have the same problem. It even seems a bit worse
>(just my impression, I didn't do any statistics).

Let me guess: xine opens the raw device, and does all the DVD parsing
from there.

Furthermore, maybe it closes and re-opens the device for each VOB file.

Which in turn will invalidate the buffer and page cache, and force a
re-read of all the metadata.. Oh, and wait for all the prefetching to
have finished.

If this is it, it should be "fixed" by doing a

        sleep 100000 < /dev/dvd-device &

in the background before starting xine?

Does that make any difference?

If it does, then I suspect we should really look into making the raw
device close just leave the device descriptor around at least for a
while. Al?

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